Monday, April 15, 2013

The irony of the tax day Boston tragedy

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It’s a tragic irony that the horrible events in Boston took place on April 15, otherwise known as tax day in the United States of America.

It’s ironic because so many Americans spend so much time and energy complaining about paying the taxes that support the police, firefighters, and other first responders who are so important on days like today.  They complain about paying the taxes that pay for federal investigators to track down and prosecute the perpetrators of this horrific event and help prevent others like it.  The taxes that will help the city of Boston rebuild. The taxes that will help support the recovery of the victims.

It’s ironic because once again, our nation will “unify,” saying we all care about one another in the same manner we have after Columbine, 9/11, Virginia Tech, Aurora, and Sandy Hook. Why it takes the death and destruction of innocent lives for the citizens of this nation to truly care for one another is beyond me.

It’s ironic because on a day (tax day) when so many Americans complain about paying taxes which support their fellow Americans, they will turn around and say how much they care for their fellow Americans in light of this tragedy.

It’s ironic because the same people who will tweet out support for their fellow Americans who were victims in Boston, yesterday were sharing status updates accusing recipients of tax-dollar-funded “entitlement” programs like food-stamps, welfare, and other social-welfare programs as “moochers,” “takers,” “lazy,” and worse.

It’s ironic because tax day is perhaps the epitome of Jesus’ words in Matthew 6:21 “where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” Tax day reveals the truth, that for many people, their treasure—their heart—is concerned only for themselves and their own piles of cash.  Jesus had strong words to say against people who stockpiled their own wealth while ignoring the needs of those around them. He called such people fools and hypocrites, saying such people were not welcome in his heaven.

It’s ironic that people can actually claim to care about their fellow human beings on days like today, and then be so totally careless and callous towards their fellow Americans so many other days of the year.

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