Friday, January 25, 2013

What political words would you Taboo?

I tend to watch far more Fox News than I should.  Many of my friends are flabbergasted when I recount watching The O’Reilly Factor or reading a book by Michael Medved.  I do it so as to try to keep an open mind and also to understand the other side’s point of view.   One thing I’ve noticed though is that conservatives tend to say the same thing over and over again using the same vocabulary.

 If you’ve ever played the game Taboo, you know how difficult it can be at times to describe something without using certain words.  Listening to so many people use the same words over and over again, I had a thought that it would be fun to have a buzzer, like in the Taboo game, and every time a certain word is used “buzz” them, forcing them to use different words to describe their thought.

If I could turn all political discourse into a giant game of Taboo, I would disallow the following words from being used, and would gladly hit the buzzer whenever one of these words slipped out.

“Personal Responsibility”

“Hard Work”

“Job Creators”


“Government Handouts”

And of course, any of this “isms” (“Socialism, Communism, Fascism…”)


What words would you liked to see stricken from political communication?

If you’re a conservative reading this, what words do you think liberals/progressives overuse? What words would you like to buzz?

Leave a comment with the five words or phrases you’d like to BUZZ!

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