Saturday, July 7, 2012

Clearly – I’m the stupid one

As economic conservatives and libertarians have become increasingly emboldened, preaching their gospel of tax cuts for the rich and gutting of social welfare programs, I’ve become more and more perplexed.  Try as I might to understand the logic of their economic policies, the more I thought about it, the more it baffled me.  Well, thank goodness, I now know the truth; I’m just plain stupid—or so says
“capitalist evangelist” Wayne Allyn Root in a recent op-ed for

Funny, I don’t remember Jesus praising rich people as “job creators” in the Gospels, but again, I’m the ignorant one.  Root says that the problem with those who adhere to the fiscal policies of Obama and other liberals is “economic ignorance.”  Myself and others like me who support “big government” programs like food stamps and other forms of government aid for the poor are stupid and ignorant.  Even worse, Root says, we are out of touch.  Those in the private sector (Oh, sorry I didn’t type that in gold letters to signify their greatness) are the ones with “boots on the ground.”  If there’s anything that comes to mind when I think of Romney and his $10,000 bets, his wife’s couple of Cadillac’s, and net worth of $250 million, it’s that he’s down to earth.  But truth be told, before now I hadn’t realized how stupid I really am.

Root’s examples of why the private sector is sucking so badly under “liberal stupidity” are without-a-doubt bullet-proof.  Root references the closing of the ESPN Zone restaurant chain, and because restaurants never fail, this certainly is just another example of the doom and destruction liberal policies cause.   Another example is Las Vegas and the casino industry (who knew “the strip” was “Main Street America?”)  The economic troubles of casinos certainly must be Obama’s fault, because a trip to Vegas is the LAST thing I’d want to cut from my monthly budget.  Heck, if that fact that millions of people aren’t blowing their hard-earned money boozing it up in Vegas isn’t a sign of failed democratic policies, I don’t know what it! A third rock-solid example of the horrible economic suffering of the private sector is that NFL owners can’t sell-out their stadiums anymore.   Really? The Green Bay Packers, the only NFL team that releases financial information, are doing quite well.  Even the Cleveland Browns, one of the worst teams in the league, seems to be doing quite well according to  But again, I’m certainly missing something—because I’m ignorant.

From this stupid person’s point of view (me), I’d like to see Root cite one of the many public opinion polls which recognize the ignorance of liberal policies since there are apparently so many out there I should “just take a look at.”  And I don’t understand why it’s necessary to make use of Red Herrings instead of actually refuting the economic policies of Nobel Prize winner Paul Krugman.  (Obviously the Nobel Prize people are stupid as well for having given him the award!).  But Root says I simply need to “connect the dots” which clearly I’m not able to do, so my only semi-intelligent conclusion is that I just must be plain stupid.

Disappointing as it is to be told I’m stupid after all this time, I’m actually kind of upset about it.  I’ve spent a lot of time and money on a graduate degree which I’m hoping to finish up this year.  Now, I’m wondering what’s the point, because after 3 years, I’m perhaps more brainless than ever.  I think I need to have a talk with my place of higher education and ask for my money back! Because clearly, I’m the stupid one.

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