Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A degree nearly 10 years in the making: A tribute to my wife!

In almost a week, my wife, Corinna will be walking across a stage to accept a Bachelor’s degree in nursing.  Just that feat in itself is something to be proud of and worth being congratulated for, but there is more in it than that.  Corinna, or Rena as she has  been known by as well,  doesn’t always consider herself to be a highly motivated, go-getter type person; I think she’s underestimating herself, for September 16, 2011 will mark the end of a journey that began not simply 21 months ago when this program began, but way back when she started college in the fall of 2002.
2002-2004 = 5 semesters at Baptist Bible College majoring in Missions, then Youth, then Business
2005-2006 = 2 semesters at Cecil County Community College working on pre-reqs for nursing
2006-2007 = 1 semester at Front Range Community College on nursing related classes
2006 = enrolled at University of Colorado in order go into nursing program (soon to de-enroll)
2006 = re-enrolled at BBC again as Business major
2006-2007 = 2 semesters at BBC
2007 = dropped out of BBC, for various reasons…, started pursuing nursing program through Southwest                               Baptist University…only to move again
2008 = after moving back to Colorado, re-enrolled at FRCC to work on nursing pre-reqs
2008-2009 = 2 more semesters at FRCC
2010-2012 (almost) = 21 months at Denver School of Nursing
9.16.2011 = Graduation with B.S.N.!!!
WOW Right!  I tried to start writing this all out in paragraph form but it was taking up far too much space!  If you have lots of time and want to hear a crazy story, we could explain all this to you!  The point of this timeline is just to say, looking back, what determination and persistence she has shown.  I’m not sure she would believe it, but it’s completely obvious! She’s amazing! So many others would have just given up a long time ago; not her. 
Sure there were external motivators like a wonderful husband (LOL!), the FRCC advisor who reminded her “you’ll be 30 either way, might as well be doing something you like,” a super-supportive family, and many wonderful friends. But she’s an amazing person who will be accomplishing something quite spectacular; just look back and see how long she has been going after this! I think this shows what she is capable of! I really think she can do whatever she sets her mind to do.
 Yes, nursing is something she really cares about, but that makes it all the more wonderful that she had the courage and the valor to go after it; despite the financial precariousness of going to school and not working for nearly 21 months, despite the unbelievable sums of money it would require, and despite the sheer will it takes to get up at 3:45am to go to clinicals!
I know there has been times she didn’t believe, I know there have been times I have not believed, but her drive and tenacity (yes Rena, I am talking about you!) are a sight to behold, and they inspire! (Seriously, the 12 hour overnight clinical shift! No thanks!)  She soars right through it.  I’m definitely one of those guys that can say, “I married up;” and I better keep working on myself, because she’s certainly not staying pat!

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