Tuesday, August 23, 2011

More of a Rant than a Blog...

Every once in a while when I’m bored  I like to take peek at what’s happening on the other side of the fence (to be clear I’m actually bored a lot, it’s just that sometimes when I’m bored I look at other sources of perspective).  That other side of the fence is often Foxnews.com, FoxNews, or the Rush Limbaugh Show.  I find those avenues of information usually get my blood pumping. When I want so moments of sanity, I generally like to watch The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.
As I peruse these varied perspectives I am see a common themes throughout, and by throughout, I mean that Jon Stewart points out these common themes.  There is this universal thesis running through the conservative perspectives, the idea that people who are lower income earners are basically the worthless dregs of our society and the ones holding America back. There is this common cry for these “takers” to get up and “take some responsibility for themselves.” 
While running at the gym, I needed a distraction so I tuned into FoxNews.  I was in luck! It was Sean Hannity with his “Great American Panel” discussing Maxine Waters and her “go to hell” comments regarding the Tea Party.  I believe it was Marybeth Hicks who blissfully wished that all these people who think that Tea Partiers are bad folks should just come to a rally and see that they are good, honest, and down to earth regular folks.  Essentially the solution to the hate being spread against these folks would be to just “walk a mile in their shoes.”  Not a bad idea I suppose.
Well, Marybeth wasn’t quite done, for she (and how does Fox get all the good looking blondes? Are there not any attractive blonde liberals? Does being blonde make one predispositioned  to being conservative?)  quickly critiqued Waters’s failure to create any jobs for her constituents, that spreading this speech wasn’t doing her own folks any good.  Rather, Hicks’s suggestion was that these people should “take some responsibility for themselves and get an education” (not an exact quote).  
Hold on.  After crying about how liberals need to get to know the Tea Party folks, she then makes a ridiculous, insensitive, out of touch, uneducated, and unattached comment that those Waters’s was concerned for  only had the problem of a lack of willpower and motivation to get some education? What? Really? Tell me Marybeth, when was the last time you’ve spent some time down in the inner city with the poverty stricken?   It’s too bad they’re wasting all their time worrying about how they will feed their children and pay their rent! They should be taking some personal responsibility and get some education in order to get a well-paying job!
Ah, Ms. Hicks, if only it was that simple.  Too bad that education costs an inordinate amount of money, too bad these people still actually have to somehow feed their kids and pay the rent while they go to school.  Yes, I imagine they would like to sleep too.  For the party of family values, these folks don’t seem to care too much about people’s families.  Sarah Palin is another one who constantly blabbers on about family values, yet it appears to me the only thing she cares about is the value of her family’s bank account. 
How can anyone who isn’t making 6 figures vote Republican? How can anyone who received a full refund of the income tax they paid be conservative?  The talking heads and political figures are saying you are the problem!  If you don’t make enough to not have to pay income taxes, you are a drag on our society, we would be better off without you!
I’m like the poster child for worthless Americans.  When I was a kid my dad had the audacity to go into the low paying field of being a minster.  Sure enough, things didn’t work out (cause he didn’t “pull up his bootstraps enough”) and his church ended up having to merge with another for financial reasons. Well,  this is where the major failings by my family begin; we lose the parsonage we lived in, we move in with my grandparents, then into  2 bedroom house ( there are 6 of us total!), then public housing. Yes, you heard that right, PUBLIC HOUSING! What bottom feeding catfish we were! Even worse, we were “taking” food stamps and other public assistance all the while my “lazy” and “incompetent” parents only worked 2-3 jobs apiece!  Oh, and better yet, we paid the rent for this public housing partly from my dad’s salary as an employee of a public school district! Talk about a waste of public funds! And sure enough, look at me now, I haven’t even begun to take responsibility for myself;  I received a full refund of my federal income taxes from last year and I’m happily taking in federal student loan money.  If only I had that same “drive” as these conservatives heroes, perhaps then I could make a nice salary.
Its funny listening to the constant mumbo jumbo talk of “class warfare,” but to be honest the conservatives aren’t at war with the lower class, they have simply thrown them into another caste far below. 
And so I ask; if you are among the low-income earners of society (as am I) how can you actually vote for a political party which has unabashedly and unashamedly screamed out that you are the problem with America right now?

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